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Home Improvement and Design offers top-notch fireplace installation and maintenance services to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Using quality materials such as stone, brick, and marble, we craft beautiful, durable fireplaces that withstand both use and weather. Secure a high-quality, affordable fireplace tailored to your property.

Fireplace Contractor in New Jersey

Home Improvement & Design specializes in crafting exquisite fireplaces that elevate the ambiance of your living spaces. Our skilled artisans use premium materials such as stone, brick, and marble to create custom fireplace designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Whether you desire a cozy traditional hearth or a modern centerpiece, we offer a diverse range of styles to suit your preferences. Our commitment to quality ensures that each fireplace not only enhances the warmth of your home but also stands the test of time. Trust Home Improvement & Design to bring sophistication and comfort to your living space with our expertly crafted fireplaces.

Improve the visual appeal of your New Jersey residence by investing in top-notch Fireplace installation and maintenance services.

Home Improvement and Design has been a trusted provider of premium fireplace services in Northern New Jersey for more than two decades. Whether you’re looking for the installation of a new fireplace, regular maintenance to keep your existing fireplace in optimal condition, or repair services to address any wear and tear, our skilled team ensures it not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

We offer an Efficient Installation Process

Site Assessment and Planning

Fireplace Maintenance and Care

To maintain the beauty and functionality of your fireplace, routinely clean the interior and exterior surfaces. Remove ashes, soot, and debris, and inspect the chimney for creosote buildup to prevent potential hazards.

Fire Place Repair Service

When your fireplace requires attention, our expert Fireplace Repair Service at Home Improvement & Design is here to ensure its optimal functionality and safety. Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnosing and addressing a variety of fireplace issues, from worn-out components to structural concerns.


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