Front Yard Hardscape Ideas

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Hardscape Ideas For Your Front Yard

Spring in Northern New Jersey is a great time when families are getting back to the beaches, awed by the cherry blossoms in bloom, landscaping their yards, and getting ready to entertain on the warm summer nights. An outdoor space you are proud of is essential to enjoy your yard in New Jersey.

The front yard is a great place to make a big impression, and creating a beautiful landscaped front yard can become your homes calling card. A study from Virginia Tech found that having a beautifully landscaped front yard can increase a home’s perceived value by up to 15 percent. That value can help if you plan on selling your home.

Because the front yard landscaping can increase the value of your home so much, we wanted to share some ideas for your next project.

Ten Front Yard Hardscape Ideas:

We have come up with ten Hardscape ideas for your front yard here in Northern New Jersey that will increase your home’s curb appeal and value. If you are interested in finding out what landscape would work best in your front yard, reach out to a Northern New Jersey Mason to get a free estimate on your project.

Curved Stone Retaining Walls -

If you have a slope in your front yard, you can enhance a garden bed with curved stone retaining walls. A curved wall is softer and adds elegance to your front yard. A Bonus with curved or serpentine retaining walls is they are much stronger than straight retaining walls. Because of the added strength, you can use curved retaining walls as a stand-alone feature, adding to the beauty of your front yard landscape.

Brick Paver Walkway -

Adding a brick paver walkway to your home is an excellent addition to any front yard landscape. Brick pavers are a classic attractive paving surface that works with almost all home styles. Brick pavers are also very durable; if appropriately installed, brick pavers can and will last 25 years plus. Because of the great looks and durability, a brick paver walkway is a great addition to make your front yard more inviting and improves curb appeal to your New Jersey home.

brick paver walkway installation front yard

Raised Stone Flower Bed -

If you live in the city, why not turn that nasty concrete entry into a raised stone flower bed to add color and warmth to the front of your home. A raised flower bed provides growing areas previously unfit for growing anything. A stone, raised flower bed adds a warm feel and can be installed even in the smallest of yards or even as a side of the yard feature.

front yard stone raised flower bed

Stone Entryway With Stairs -

You can get that unique look with a combination of stone retaining walls, stone walkways, and stone stairways to give you a grand entry to your home. Add a water feature to round out the look of the stone entry to your home, and you will have the upgrade you have been looking for that will only get better with age. 

stone paver entry way with retaining wall, stairs, and water feature

Stone Water Fountain -

Having a water feature in your front yard gives the aura of tranquility before you even enter the home. A front yard water feature is a great way to add an excellent visual appeal to your home’s front yard landscape. I mean, who doesn’t like water fountains? There are literally unlimited choices regarding water features, so reach out to your local Northern New Jersey Masonry Contractor to bring your dream to reality.

stone water fall/fountain front yard hardscape

Stone Paver Driveway -

A great project that will upgrade the look of any home, especially if you already have a stone-faced on your home. Properly installed driveway paver stone can withstand extreme weather and last up to 50 years with the proper care and maintenance. Not only is a stone paver driveway durable, but it is one of the most excellent-looking driveways you can get.

stone paver driveway

Brick Paver Front Porch -

The front porch often plays second fiddle to the back porch when it comes to relaxing, but there is something to be said for a lovely brick paver patio on the front of your home. Add some cushiony seating, and you have the spot to relax after a long day.

brick paver front porch

Corner Wall Seating -

Are you looking to fill some space in your front yard? Add a corner garden feature to give your yard an inviting area for guests to gather. Include greens and a splash of color to soften the hard edges of the stone corner wall seating area. What better way to fill that side of the lot area in your front yard than with a stone or brick seating area.

corner wall seating bench

Small Patio Seating Area With Fire Pit -

Including a small side area paver patio with a fire pit and seating area. Talk about relaxing summer New Jersey nights sitting by the fire making memories. This excellent small project provides an inviting space for guests to gather and enjoy the evening. A stone fire pit is a perfect addition to front and back yards to enjoy the New Jersey summer.

firepit with small seating bench on a brick patio home improvement and design

Landscape Feature Stone Edging -

Creating a unique definitive border in your front yard adds depth to standard flower beds, trees, and fountains. Stone edging is a great way to divide landscape features while creating classic lines that give your front yard a visually appealing yet natural look. Brick can also give clean lines that separate the bushes from the grass in your front yard for a natural yet sophisticated look.

stone yard edging

Final Thoughts About Front Yard Hardscaping in Northern New Jersey

If you want that spring project for your front yard, you can make it stand out by utilizing some of the front yard hardscape ideas above. There are many ways you can upgrade your front yard by using stone and brick hardscape features custom to your space. 

You can get specific ideas about your front yard hardscape by reaching out for a free estimate on your next hardscape project (in any yard) in the Northern New Jersey area. Give Home Improvement & Design a call today! 973-400-9560

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